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Southern Pacific Coast Line Scenes
This winter I concentrated on upgrading a few decoders and adding keep alive circuits. A good project but not anything to show here. Then, this summer I started a new project. I had a few double door boxcars (know in that era as Automobile Cars) so I decide to run an auto parts train and gathered them all up. And then I decide I wanted this train to be as prototypically correct as was possible without going to extremes.
Here is that first train rolling through Gaviota. At that time I knew that two of the cars were not models of anything the SP had but I kept these two wood cars in the train for sentimental reasons. They were among the very first kits I put together for my future railroad in 1981 or 2
I then bought a car that I thought would work, but, doing my homework after buying I discovered it wasn’t an accurate model for the SP. A little more research turned up that it was instead a model of a Santa Fe car. So I stripped most of the lettering off and repainted and decaled it for the Santa Fe
Masked to paint the roof. For some reason the Santa Fe in this era had black roofs and silver, or galvanized steel, roof walks
Painted roof
And the finished product
The second addition was very old, metal kit made by Athearn in the 50s and/or 60s. I found one on eBay that was already built and I got a kit to build.
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