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Southern Pacific Coast Line Scenes
Errors This page is written for those who really know something about the Southern Pacific so some of the things listed here will be very nit picky and some will be much more general. I can’t think of a good way to organize them right now so I’ll just throw them out. Santa Margarita-the feed store and siding are wrong and the oil storage is at the wrong end of town. The restaurant I have named the Heidleberg is actually the Rainbow Hut. The Heidelberg was in a different (unmodeled) building. The Rainbow Hut was, and still is, a pool hall The Southern Pacific high fan F3s had gone east well before this period but I wanted some of those new Athearn Genesis engines when they first came out so I got them and kept them-then my daughter and son-in-law gave me another and it had to stay on the layout. The bridge over the river is a model of a SP bridge located elsewhere. My Starlight passenger train is going to be wrong for '57. It will more closely resemble the '56 or maybe even '55 consist. The sugar beet gondolas have high sides-these weren't put on until sometime later in their career. I didn't know that when I built the fleet of cars, Tony Thompson's book on Gondolas wasn't out yet, in fact, I don't think there was even an Espee mail list to ask when I built those cars. The RDC is the wrong model for the SP. The train above is the Oh No! train. It has 6451, an Intermountain FP7 in the lead, followed by a Bachman F7B, and an old Atlas FP7 bringing up the rear. There are lots of well documented problems with each of these models. And to make matters worse, they are pulling a train of Athearn baggage cars and a coach-none of which are accurate. The TOFC cars shown on the 07-08 page have some errors which are noted on that page
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