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Southern Pacific Coast Line Scenes
Although the title of this page is 2019 the work actually started in December of 2018, the only work done in 2018. The plan for 2019 is to extend the layout over into the the other bay of the garage. This will be a bit tight as I still need to bring things like the bikes into the garage and there is the grandkids Lionel layout on a 5x9 board the lowers from near the ceiling.
This is the beginning of the extension showing where it connects to Gaviota and starts around the divider into the other bay
The connection to the ocean at Gaviota
Ready for the water connection at Gaviota
Betteravia is located inside the new section of the layout inside the big return curve
This is the start of the track at Guadalupe. Betteravia is just to the right of this picture and the garage door and the helix are in the background at the top of the picture
Guadalupe finished except for some details. On the left the depot and a packing house. On the right a small warehouse and the ice dock
The packing house. Packing Bikini brand fruit for Phelan and Taylor Produce
Bikini brand shipping box art
The ice dock
And, since I like to illuminate most of my buildings, here are a few night shots.
Betteravia before the beet unloading ramp was built
The ice dock
The San Luis Obispo lower yard from the end