Another shot of Santa Margarita

The house on the left represents our house.

It wouldn't be the Coast Line without a train running along the beach

Finally, a nice close-up of a freight train working it's way through the hills south of

San Luis Obispo

In the following pictures E8 6051, followed by a E7's 5908 and 6017, are heading north with the Daylight





An E8 (6051) followed by a E7's 5908 and 6017 are heading north with the Daylight


Here are a couple of shots of one of this winter's projects PA 6005


in the 50's 6005 was assigned to the Oakland pool so we can only assume her presence here in San Luis Obispo indicates a problem with some other engine that required a swap.  She is northbound in this shot (railroad west for those who like to say things the correct way).  Most of the Oakland pool PAs had plows and the very distinctive "wagon wheel" antenna.  These were not found on many (if any) of the LA pool engines.


Maybe I'll add more.