Not a lot of work is being done on the Layout this train season.  Knowing that I am going to start tearing it down next fall in preparation for a move has severely reduced my enthusiasm for building.

I have spent some time building FastTrack turnouts to take with me and I have started working on modifying some of my F-70-7 flats for TOFC service.  In this, I followed the lead of Peter Hall who was kind enough to share with me the work he had done.

Here are the first pictures from this work.

  The sun rises early in the morning in the summer and so we can take pictures of a train that normally runs only in the dark hours.  Here it is only a few miles outside of Los Angeles southbound (railroad east).

These two shots were taken of a special train run at the insistence  of the publicity department.



Note for those who know a lot about the Southern Pacific.  I know the caboose isn't a totally correct model and that the F-70-7 flats were out of TOFC service when they ran the silver trucks, and I know these Athearn models aren't truly accurate models of the trailers used in 1957.