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This web page is to share my modeling of the Southern Pacific’s Coast Line. The layout is set in the mid 1950s. Nominally 1957

but only nominally. See the Known Errors Page for some of the known things that don’t fit. Given the constraint of space I have

chosen to build my layouts around various scenes or sections of the railroad. Current work is found under 2020 in the bar

above. Older work is shown by year under the Layout History to the left. Not much happened in 2018

Currently there are six main scenes (pictured below) Santa Margarita, San Luis Obispo, San Luis Obispo Yard, Guadalupe/Betteravia , Gaviota Beach, and Salinas Valley (or maybe it will be the Ventura area). Santa Margarita was chosen because I lived there in 1956-57. The main thing the Southern Pacific did in Santa Margarita was add helpers to trains (or take them off) to assist them over the mountain between Santa Margarita and San Luis Obispo. Since I add helpers in Santa Margarita I need to remove them in San Luis Obispo which is why that is on the layout. Gaviota is on the layout because my wife and I were volunteer hosts at the State Park there in the winter. I thought building a model of the trestle would be a fun thing and it was. Guadalupe was chosen because it fits between San Luis Obispo and Gaviota plus it was a relatively small town and the depot there is a model I had already built. Current work will be found by clicking on the 2021 link above. Historical work will be found in the side bar to the left. Most pictures will enlarge when you click on them. Jim Pattison
Southern Pacific Coast Line Scenes
Santa Margarita
Betteravia and the Union Sugar plant
The San Luis Obispo lower yard. The upper yard is across from the depot
The shop store and power house area of the San Luis Obispo lower yard
These 4 are the San Luis Obispo Station area.